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Stan Yakatan, Chairman, Co-Founder


After 40 years as a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and operational manager, Stan Yakatan has dedicated the last 15 years of his career to sharing his experiences with management teams interested in building technology based companies. His experience as an executive is far reaching as he has served in an Executive capacity with:

• New England Nuclear
• EI Dupont
• ICN Pharma
• New Brunswick Scientific
• Biosearch
• Katan Associates

These experiences have provided him with management skills and a corporate finance acumen that he enjoys sharing with others.

He has founded or co-founded in excess of 15 companies in the United States, Canada, Israel, France and Germany and in many cases served as the initial CEO, and Chairman of these companies. He currently sits on the board of directors of several public and private companies and has advised several of the world's leading venture capital firms including TVM (Germany), Ventana (USA), MSP (USA) and Biocapital (Canada). During the decade of the 1990’s Biocapital was the most successful health care venture capital fund in Canada. 

Stan served in a business development capacity for the XL TechGroup. XL Tech Group systematically discovers unmet business needs, then creates, selects, and develops new technology businesses, and scales them to liquidity. Stan assisted XL TechGroup in the development of its business model, and advised on the overall capitalization strategy for XL Tech Group. In October 2004, XL TechGroup undertook an Initial Public Offering in .

Stan has also served as s Senior Advisor in Life Sciences to numerous State, Provincial and Federal government agencies These roles have been largely in a effort to assist in the development of government incentives and initiatives to foster and develop regional Life Science clusters. These efforts include work in Canada from 1993 to 1999, Israel from 1999 to 2001, and Victoria, Australia from 2002 to 2008.

Stan has completed and advised on numerous acquisitions and corporate finance transactions raising in excess of $1.0 billion dollars in the public and private capital financing markets. He is a frequent speaker at financial and biotechnology conferences throughout the world speaking on topics including, "Capital Raising for the Technology-Based Start-Up" and "The Need to be Global in the Quest for Capital and Partners". Rick Biondi, Editor of Lab Business Magazine stated," Mr. Yakatan is a venture capital raising Guru and it is part of his genetic make up."

Stan has been the Chairman of several public companies. Stan founded and served as the Executive Director and Chairman of Biocomm, in Melbourne, Australia, the first of its kind regional business development agency and early-stage capital pool. Stan currently is Chairman of the Board of Mercury Therapeutics, Inc. which is developing new drugs AMP kinase based drugs for the treatment diabetes and cancer and sits on the Board of Directors for Phenomenome Discoveries, Inc., a novel biomarker company. Recently Stan was appointed to the Teaching Faculty at Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow. Stan currently serves as CEO of TheraKine, Ltd., a privately held company with a novel drug delivery technology for biologics and small molecules that address drug delivery challenges in multiple therapeutic areas.

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