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Dr. Andy Gearing

Andy Gearing has an extensive track record in both academic and commercial aspects of biomedical science. He has an international reputation in inflammation and immunity with over 100 publications in journals including Nature, Science, and Lancet. He worked on regulatory aspects of biological medicines at NIBSC in the UK, and in R&D management at British Biotech (now part of Vernalis).


In 2001 Andy moved to Melbourne in Australia to establish Biocomm Services. In 6 years he raised over $17m from private investors and government sources. Biocomm services made seed investments into 3 new companies: Cryptopharma, CNSBio and Hatchtech.


His biggest achievement was to build Biocomm services into an internationally competitive licensing company that completed 14 international licensing deals worth over $200m and worked with Academic, Biotech and Pharma clients in Australia, NZ, Japan, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.


Building on this experience, Andy, and Tsutomu Mori established Biocomm2 in December 2006 to specialize in international business development and licensing.