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Roman Ritweger, Ph.D., M.D., MBA

Roman Rittweger, MD, the founder of Roman Rittweger Advisors in Healthcare has a medical degree and received an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau.


For several years he gained consulting experience at A.T.Kearney and McKinsey & Company. Roman Rittweger founded and managed ArztPartner almeda AG, an innovative service provider for payors and a market leader in disease management, which was taken over 2001 by DKV AG (Europe’s largest private health insurance).


He is one of the pioneers of disease management and managed care in Germany. Roman Rittweger then joined BBDO Consulting as a Managing Partner responsible for healthcare. His enthusiasm for “healthcare-branding” originated from the confrontation with increasing competition in all sectors of healthcare.


Since the foundation of “Roman Rittweger Advisors in Healthcare”, Roman Rittweger and his teams support Fortune 500 and Dax companies as welll as payors and successful SMEs in mastering a variety of market challenges.


Roman Rittweger Advisors in Healthcare is a specialized healthcare advisory supporting companies and investors in their market driven strategy and M&A projects. The firm has experience with payors, pharma and medtech companies, hospitals, pharmacies and pharma wholesalers, healthcare real estate, physician practices and medical centers, as well as homecare and other healthcare service providers.