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Money, Molecules, and Mind-Benders: Seth Yakatan Returns, Nuff Said

Seth Yakatan brings his extensive expertise to the table, offering a nuanced exploration of the evolving landscape in the cannabis and biotechnology industries. With a focus on the latest market dynamics, he unpacks the complexities and opportunities currently shaping these sectors. Seth delves deeply into the crucial aspects of investment landscapes, regulatory nuances, and the transformative shift from recreational to therapeutic applications in cannabis. His analysis also extends to the burgeoning role of psychedelics in pharmaceuticals, providing invaluable insights for those at the forefront of these innovative fields.

Grow Everything brings to life the bioeconomy when hosts Karl Schmieder and Erum Azeez Khan share stories from the field and interview leaders and influencers in the space.  Life is a powerful force and it can be engineered. What are we creating?

Topics Covered:

  • 00:00:00 - Introduction: Navigating Social Equity Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

  • 00:00:24 - Biotechnology and Climate Tech: Starting the In-Depth Conversation

  • 00:02:34 - Innovations in Biotech: Geoengineering and Carbon Sequestration

  • 00:04:29 - Biotech's Role in Climate Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach

  • 00:05:36 - Biology as Sustainable Innovation: Exploring Eco-friendly Solutions

  • 00:09:34 - Biotech Meets Cannabis: Analyzing the Intersection and Impacts

  • 00:10:36 - Social Media Influence: Shaping the Cannabis Industry Landscape

  • 00:14:24 - Cannabis Sector Analysis: Unpacking Challenges and Opportunities

  • 00:19:54 - Navigating Legal Terrain: Understanding the Cannabis Industry's Legal Framework

  • 00:23:26 - Forecasting Cannabis: Insights into the Industry's Future

  • 00:37:04 - Enforcement Issues in Cannabis: Addressing Legal and Regulatory Hurdles

  • 00:39:13 - Cannabis Business Models: Identifying Success Strategies

  • 00:45:27 - Psychedelics in Pharma: Emergence and Industry Impact

  • 00:48:18 - Challenges in Psychedelic Therapies: Opportunities and Hurdles

  • 00:54:06 - Cannabis and Psychedelics: Predicting the Future Interplay

  • 01:01:03 - The Power of Numbers: Business Success in Niche Markets

  • 01:03:03 - Effective Positioning: Mastering Cannabis Industry Dynamics

  • 01:10:17 - Psychedelic Tourism: Exploring Future Potentials

  • 01:12:31 - Business Cohort Analysis: Key to Understanding Market Trends

  • 01:14:13 - Asset Light Models: Innovative Approaches in Biotech and Cannabis Industries


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