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Eaze Releases NFT Featuring NBA Champion Matt Barnes to Fund National Expungement Week

Eaze launches its first non-fungible token (NFT) to put its signature moonman image in the hands of the - ahem - highest bidder in celebration of 4/20’s golden anniversary. The NFT, which features NBA champion and nationally-recognized cannabis advocate Matt Barnes, is for sale on OpenSea. All proceeds from the sale will go to National Expungement Week (N.E.W.), a POC-powered organization that provides access to relief, equity, and opportunity in communities affected by the War on Drugs.

“2021 is the 50th anniversary of 4/20 and there’s no better way to commemorate this milestone than supporting social equity,” said Sheena Shiravi, vice president of marketing at Eaze. “Like cannabis, NFTs are changing how we all think about commerce and culture, so this made a ton of sense to us. And who doesn’t want Matt Barnes as a digital moonman?”

The one-of-a-kind NFT features one of Eaze’s signature creative assets: the smokin’ hot moonman, juxtaposed with Matt Barnes and a special message to celebrate cannabis’ highest holiday. Eaze’s moonman is featured prominently in its award-winning advertising, which was recognized with a Clio Cannabis Award.

Bidding starts today at .1715 WETH (~$420) and closes on 4/20 at 11:59pm PT.

"On behalf of the N.E.W. leadership team, we are elated at the opportunity to form a relationship with EAZE and deeply appreciative for the kind donation to our organization,” said Torie Marshall, founder of N.E.W. “These funds will help to support and uplift the expungement work that N.E.W. provides 365 days a year."

This project builds on Eaze’s commitment to delivering good with the goods. Eaze’s annual Momentum business accelerator provides $50,000 grants and a 12-week business development curriculum to under-represented and social equity founders. To-date, BIPOC-owned brands have sold over $4 million in products on Eaze’s Social Equity Menu. Eaze’s other social impact work includes a partnership with Code for America to help clear 250,000 low-level criminal offenses; a permanent 25% discount for U.S. veterans; and partnerships with Success Centers SF and the San Francisco AIDS project, among others. Barnes serves as a senior advisor to Eaze’s Board of Directors on cannabis policy, social impact, and industry relations.

“NFTs are buzzy and now, making them a creative way to raise awareness for groups doing important equity work,” said Jennifer Lujan, director of social impact at Eaze. “People love to be part of something new and exciting, and even better if it also fights the racist War on Drugs.”

About Eaze

Eaze delivers good with the goods. As California’s largest legal cannabis marketplace, we bring enjoyment and convenience to our customers, break down barriers to access, and cultivate community in everything we do. With over seven million cannabis deliveries to-date, we are committed to creating a more diverse and sustainable industry through our Momentum business accelerator and Social Equity Partners Program.


Seth Yakatan

Seth Yakatan

Known for solutions that yield results, Seth Yakatan has completed or advised on acquisitions and corporate finance transactions totaling over $3 billion. He is CEO of Katan Associates International—a financial strategy and merchant banking firm specializing in commercialization and asset monetization—especially those within life-science and e-commerce sectors.




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