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Justin Bieber Announces Limited ‘Peaches’ Cannabis Line and Delivery Partnership with Eaze

[Forbes] Justin Bieber officially enters the cannabis industry with Peaches, a limited-run weed product that comes in a sleek, stylized preroll joint pack. Peaches is made exclusively with the cannabis brand Palms Premium. Adults and medical cannabis patients across the country can purchase Bieber’s weed beginning on October 4, 2021. It will be sold in four states: California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Bieber is a Grammy-award winning artist with a voracious, international fan base that includes 198 million followers on Instagram alone. Bieber’s viral mention of cannabis in the song “Peaches” off of his latest album Justice is the namesake inspiration for this preroll pack.

“I'm a fan of Palms and what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it–especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health,” says Justin Bieber. “I wanted to make sure that I was doing something with them that felt genuine and Peaches felt like a good place to start.”

The Peaches line will cost $50 to $60 per pack, depending on the market. The indica, sativa, and hybrid preroll packs will include 7 half-gram joints each rolled with premium indoor-grown flower. The strains contain fruit and citrus-forward terpenes.

In California, you can find Peaches on shelves at select dispensaries including Haven and MedMen, as well as through delivery partnerships with Eaze and Amuse. In Nevada, expect to see the Peaches line grown by Flower One and sold at MedMen and Planet13. In Massachusetts, Peaches will be sold at NETA Dispensaries and in Florida, it will be found at Surterra Wellness retail stores through a partnership with cannabis cultivators at Parallel in both states.

“Our goal with Palms is simply to open the conversation and destigmatize recreational cannabis,” says Tyler Breton, co-founder of Palms. Breton says the Palms brand is for “not only experienced users, who will appreciate the quality and attention to detail, but first time and casual consumers exhibiting the approachability and benefits of our products.”

Founded in 2018 with headquarters in Hollywood, Palms is an elevated preroll brand that can be found on shelves throughout Nevada and California. Palms and Bieber came together through a mutual connection in the industry: Ceres, Scooter Braun’s cannabis fund. Braun is Bieber’s longtime manager. Ceres is a SPAC that invests in international brands with a focus on cannabis wellness, CBD, and health.

“We’re pretty excited about it,” says Noah Annes, co-founder of Palms. “The whole goal of Palms is to destigmatize cannabis consumption. To be approachable, to be elevated, for people who are less familiar or comfortable with cannabis. To work with Justin is really consistent with our mission.”

Bieber has used his celebrity status to be candid about his mental health journey. The musician offered an intimate portrait of his struggles with mental health on his YouTube Original docuseries Seasons.

“Justin [Bieber]’s vulnerability and openness about his mental health struggles impressed us beyond measure, and we knew immediately we would want him to be at the helm of our first-ever collaboration,” says Annes. “With Justin’s help shining the spotlight on these important topics, we hope to inspire others to talk more freely about both mental health and cannabis consumption.”

The collaboration came together quickly, says Annes. He tells Forbes that Bieber has been very involved in the creation of the product: from choosing strains, artwork, and packaging designs, to being a part of the process and “the many hoops we’ve had to jump through.”

Peaches is a different product and strain for the Palms team. Typically, Palms is greenhouse-grown. Peaches is all indoor, full-flower, single strain prerolls. “Whole nug flower is a big thing for Peaches and for Palms,” says Annes. “We’re not just blending a bunch of shake in there. The Peaches is indoor-grown, and for that reason, it tests a little bit higher. It’ll be between 23% and 27% THC.”

All Peaches packs (except Florida) will come with a custom Peaches lighter. Florida consumers can also expect 5 half-gram joints to remain compliant with more strict medical regulations.

Palms and Peaches aim to shine a spotlight on nonprofit organizations that are working tirelessly to advocate for cannabis as a mental health solution, and to dismantle the oppressive laws and holdovers from the War on Drugs. Peaches will support The Last Prisoner Project as well as an organization called Veterans Walk and Talk, which helps veterans access and learn about plant based medicine to deal with mental health, PTSD, and anxiety. Palms and Bieber will support Eaze’s Momentum business accelerator and Social Equity Partners Program.

“We want to talk about bigger issues,” says Annes. “Justin dealing with his mental health and helping to destigmatize cannabis use for health, and the fact that we still need to get people out of jail for cannabis and change the regulations in the states now. Those things are really important to us, Justin is behind them and supports those causes as well. It’s more than the policy change and getting people out of jail. These organizations support people’s families. This really rocks families and communities. The same thing with people dealing with mental health issues and PTSD, if they aren’t able to get access to some medicine that is proven to work. We are so fortunate to be able to go into dispensaries, have choices, access to thoughtfully made products and brands.”


Seth Yakatan

Seth Yakatan

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