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Recent Developments In Biotechnology

$1.9 trillion investor says there are already a bunch of 'canaries in the coal mine' that could send shockwaves through markets.

A bit of a comment on the broader market here, but when the chief investment officer of global fixed income at BlackRock thinks that the retreat of central banks from credit markets could worsen liquidity or complicate how smoothly other investors are able to do the same, I am going to listen. Learn More

Top 10 pipeline blowups, setbacks and snafus in H1 2018

Here is a superb piece of journalism here from John Carroll, worth a look. Learn More

Human Longevity blasts Craig Venter, claiming he was fired, then stole trade secrets — poaching staffers for rival operation

Venter is nothing of not controversial. Remember that Craig has graced the great quotes:

“A doctor can save maybe a few hundred lives in a lifetime. A researcher can save the whole world.” Also recall that Craig was released from Celera in 2002 due to a conflict with the Celera main investor, Tony White, specifically barring him from attending the White House ceremony celebrating the achievement of sequencing the human genome. Learn More

Faheem Hasnain ups cash haul to $330M for a fledgling biotech that is moving ‘at light speed’

This is a very interesting company to keep an eye on as we move into 2019. Hasnain sold Receptos for $7.2 billion and has close to unlimited capital. I tend to bet on winners, and I am confident this guy is going to win, again. Learn More

Thiel-backed Compass adds $49M to A round, bringing total to $132M

It is fascinating to me that people are now starting companies in biotech with over $100.0 million for immune-oncology companies with a named target. Compass does seem have a very unique screening platform but these numbers boggle the mind. Learn More

Theranos? Whatever. Healthcare Startups Have Raised $15 Billion So Far This Year

For the first half of 2018 Healthcare companies have raised $15 million from VC, up 70% from the prior year and more than any other period on record. It looks like the party continues. Learn More

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