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Unfiltered advice from veteran entrepreneur Seth Yakatan: The Wildest Startup Stories

In this unfiltered video interview, serial entrepreneur Seth Yakatan shares open and honest lessons from his 20+ year career starting, investing in, and exiting companies.

He covers topics like:

- The role of luck and timing in startup success

- How repeated failures and mistakes inform future wins

- Fundraising tips for entrepreneurs

- Evaluating potential team members and co-founders

- Common mistakes startups make during M&A

- Launching and marketing consumer brands

Seth also tells crazy stories from his career, including hiring the disastrously wrong CEO and anti-climactic victories. His raw and authentic advice makes this a must-watch for any aspiring entrepreneur or founder. It's especially useful for those interested in biotech, cannabis, consumer products, fundraising, hiring, or marketing. Seth's unfiltered perspective sheds light on the messy reality of entrepreneurship and startup life.



🎥 YouTube Channel - @prodcircleHQ

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